Before a school nurse or health aid delegated by the school nurse can administer prescription or over-the-counter (OTC) medication to a student, the following must be provided by the parent/guardian: 

1. A signed authorization from the student’s parent/guardian 
2. Written order from a physician 
3. Bottle of medication labeled by a pharmacy/physician (for prescription medications) or bottles labeled with student’s name (for OTC medications). 
4. Asthma inhalers labeled by a pharmacy/physician can be kept by the student. The school nurse and classroom teacher should be aware of its use. A signed parent permission to self-administer the inhaler is required. 
5. If the inhaler needs to be dispensed from the nurse’s office, the above guidelines (1,2,3) should be followed. 

Whenever possible, medication should be given at home and every effort should be made to avoid school hours. 

MN Statute 121A.222 allows for secondary students to possess and use non- prescription pain relief in a manner consistent with the labeling, if the district has received an annual written authorization from the student's parent or guardian permitting the student to self-administer the medication. This does not apply to the possession or use of any product containing ephedrine or pseudoephedrine. The district may revoke the privilege to possess and use nonprescription pain relievers if there is reason to believe the student is abusing the privilege.