Health Services
Hi, my name is Bev Simpson and I am a Licensed School Nurse....

A registered nurse is in the district during the school day. Health services are provided for all students and staff. The school nurse is not authorized to provide a medical diagnosis.  
Health assistants in the elementary and middle/high schools work under the direct supervision of the licensed school nurse and principal in their assigned school buildings to provide first aid and administer RN delegated medications and treatments. 

Health services include: (1) first aid, (2) vision and hearing screening, (3) scoliosis screening, (4) limited classroom teaching (5) individual student/family health counseling, (6) maintenance of health records, including immunizations, (7) resource and referral for teachers, students and families, (8) medication administration and management, (9) skilled nursing activities, (10) third party billing.

Our goal is to maintain, improve and promote the health of all school age children. We strive to advance partnerships among families, communities and schools and to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all students. We ask that students and parents/guardians keep us informed of any known health conditions that may result in an emergency or require assistance during the school day.