Heath Eating @ Hilltop Snack Program
The Le Sueur-Henderson School district has adopted a wellness policy that promotes healthy lifestyle choices for our students and staff. At Hilltop we will be helping our school community make health conscience choices by offering healthy snacks at school whenever possible.

Beginning this fall, Hilltop parents can choose to participate in the new “Healthy Snacks” cart available at the beginning of the year.

We know that most children do not get enough fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. Research has shown that five servings of fruits/vegetables a day are the minimum for good health, and years down the road, they can help reduce heart disease and cancer. Fruits and vegetables are loaded with vitamins and minerals, are low in fat, sugars, salts and are high in fiber. They are the original “Fast Food.”

At Hilltop we would like to offer your child a healthy snack mid morning to help encourage the five a day habit! We are able to order fruits, vegetables and other healthy options in bulk reducing the cost to you. During open house you will have the opportunity to sign up for healthy snacks for your kids. The cost will be $40.00 for the entire school year. There will be several choices each day for students including: bananas, baby carrots, apples, oranges, sunflower/pumpkin seeds, string cheese, graham crackers and pretzels.

You may still choose to send a daily snack with your students. If you do we ask that you choose from the following items: any fruits, any vegetables, crackers, pretzels, almonds/cashews (no peanuts due to allergies), rice cakes, whole grain bagels, or yogurt. In accordance with our wellness policy teachers will not allow students to eat anything that is not on the approved list.

We hope you take advantage of this opportunity to perhaps save some money, enjoy the convenience of a school provided snack, and most importantly provide “top notch” nutrition for your child at snack time. This is how the cost breaks down.

$40.00 per year - 173 school days - .23 cents per day

Please take the time to discuss the new snack guidelines with your children. I encourage you to take your kids to the produce department when you shop for groceries and let them try new fruits and vegetables. Please make sure to stop by the snack cart in the fall and have a healthy snack and sign your child up for the Healthy Eating at Hilltop Snack Program.