Food Service

Food Service Management


The purpose of this policy is to establish consistent meal account procedures through­out the school district in the provision of meals to students.


A. Le Sueur-Henderson ISD 2397 recognizes the parent/guardian’s responsibility to provide breakfast and lunch for their children. Proper nutritional intake is essential for adequate learning to occur.

B. It is the policy of District 2397 to offer breakfast and provide lunch at school The Food Service Program strives to produce quality meals in an efficient and fiscally responsible manner.

C. Students may purchase meals when funds have been deposited into their indi­vidual accounts or by cash payment. Each student is given a special breakfast/ lunch PIN number and when they type in the number, the cost of the meal will be subtracted from their individual account.

D. Families may apply for free/reduced meals anytime during the school year. Ap­plications are mailed to all families in the school district prior to the school year. In addition, applications are available at the district office during the school year.


A. Food account balances are posted to the District web site daily for families to re­view.

B. The parent/guardian will be notified when any of their children’s accounts is at $5.00 or less according to the following procedures:

   1. Elementary Schools

a. Once a week an account balance sheet will be given to each child’s teacher to send home with the child.

b. If the account becomes less than adequate to pay for breakfast or lunch, a student will be allowed to charge two (2) meals.When the account is negative, the Food Service Director or designee will call the family. If the family cannot be contacted, a letter will be sent to them.

c. When the balance is negative, an alternate meal will be offered: milk + grain component at breakfast; milk, fruit + peanut butter sandwich at lunch.

d. After the second day of offering the alternate meal(s), the Building Principal or designee will contact the family and review with them the responsibility to provide meals for their child(ren).


C. Families using Non-Sufficient Fund Checks to replenish their lunch accounts will be charged $15.00 for collection fees.

D. Assistance from County Social Services may be requested by the School District for possible neglect when the above procedures are unsuccessful.

Le Sueur-Henderson Middle/HS Lunch Account Notification

Today your child’s lunch account balance is at or below the $5.00 account balance notification limit.

Please add money to your child’s lunch account so that we do not need to enforce the “alternate meal” option if the balance falls below zero.