Mission Statement

The Park & Hilltop Elementary School Community is committed to a safe, productive and positive environment where everyone makes respectful and responsible choices that will help themselves and others.


This plan is based on the “Above the Line Program” which was developed by Corwin Kronenberg, a nationally recognized behavior expert. Mr. Kronenberg worked with Park staff during the 2002-2003 school year to provide training and development of this plan and Hilltop staff during the summer of 2005. We also incorporate the “Love and Logic” philosophy created by Jim Fay, which focuses on self-esteem and student ownership/responsibility in behavior choices. The goal is to promote a safe, respectful, and responsible
environment conducive to learning. In the plan, behavior is divided into three categories: Above the Line, Below the Line, and Bottom Line. The three behavior categories with some sample behaviors are illustrated below


Above The Line

Students at Park and Hilltop Elementary Schools are taught and expected to demonstrate “Above the Line” behaviors. We know that most of the time, everyone is able to make choices that are “Above the Line” and help make our school a great place in which to work and learn.

Below the Line

If a child makes a behavior choice that falls “Below the Line,” the child will be expected to assume responsibility for that choice by either developing a plan to“Fix It” or receive a logical consequence for his/her action. If the child choosesto “Fix It,” the child will assume responsibility for developing a plan for fixing the problem he/she has caused by the “Below the Line” behavior. Staff will need to approve the child’s “Fix It” to assure it will sufficiently take care of the problem. When a child receives a consequence for a “Below the Line” choice, the consequence will be worked out with the child and the adult in charge. The consequence generated will follow these guiding principles: related to the behavior, delivered
respectfully, and be reasonable.

Bottom Line

There are some behaviors that are considered totally inappropriate at school. These behaviors are considered “Bottom Line” behaviors. A “Bottom Line” behavior is any violation of school policy or state law. When a child chooses a “Bottom Line” behavior, it will require involvement by the Principal, Parent/Guardian, and possibly legal authority. “Bottom Line” behaviors will result in a consequence that
may include one or more of the following: direct parent notification, suspension, restitution, mediation, reflection/problem solving process, loss of privileges, behavior plan/contract, referral to support services, or any other appropriate action.
Parent support is valued and necessary in the creation of a safe and positive learning environment for all.