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Welcome to Hilltop Media Center! 

We offer our students a variety of media materials to use either in the Center, in the classroom or at home. Materials include: fiction and non-fiction books, magazines, audio books, videos and DVDs. Our purpose is to provide the best quality materials for the students of Hilltop Elementary School as they grow in knowledge and character. 

Hilltop Elementary School Media Center 
700 South Street 
Henderson, MN 56044 

Media Specialist: Ms. Kathy Koepp 
Library Assistant: Mrs. Deedra Hoffman 

Phone 507-665-5900
Fax 507-248-3838 

Hours 8am-2:30 M-F 

Checkout Policy 

With responsible use, K-6 students may check out books for a period of two weeks at a time. Fines may be assessed for damaged or lost books. All items must be returned or paid for by the last day of the school year.