School Supplies

Supply Lists for 2012-2013

STEM Grades 4 & 5 School Supplies
  • 20 Pencils, #2-please buy the wooden pencils, the cheap decorative ones do not sharpen well or last very long.
  • 2 - 3 prong pocket folders (solid colors)
  • Expandable folder-vinyl please with 7 sections all work will be kept in this as they travel from class to class and then to home and back.
  • 3 wide lined notebooks
  • 8 Glue sticks (we never have enough of these)
  • 2 large boxes of Kleenex
  • Gym shoes to be left at school
  • Crayola Crayons - 24 pack
  • Crayola washable markers - 10 ct.
  • Crayola colored pencils - 24 pack
  • Erasers - 2 big pink and pencil top erasers
  • Assignment notebook-school will purchase these and they will cost $3.00 a piece
  • 2 Highlighters
  • 1 clipboard
  • Headphones (compatible with the iPad)
You do not need...
Ruler – clear plastic with  Metric & English measurements
Protractor (small/transparent)
No pencil sharpeners are needed
Calculators not needed because we will have iPads

All supplies will be considered community supplies, so please don’t label the items.  If shopping in August during the sales, the items can be found for very inexpensive prices.  The teacher will monitor the use of the supplies in each classroom and set them out as needed. 

Supplies should be given to the homeroom teacher.  

We are trying to help you save $$ by providing materials we can reuse year after year such as scissors, rulers, protractors, etc.